10 Best Kitchen Sink Strainer Reviews 2022

While shopping for the best kitchen sink strainer, everyone should keep in mind some specific facts:

  • Stainless steel is a suitable material for sink strainer
  • Have to purchase one that accumulates rust
  • Must be compatible with your sink type and size 
  • Have to look for one that is easy to use
  • Must be one that is simple to clean and ideal for everyday use.

Even a simple thing as a kitchen sink strainer should purchase after thoughtful consideration. I know, it seems small and straightforward to an eye still, the role it plays is vital.


Just imagine, the kitchen sink drains get clogged or contaminated. How do you feel? I know, how irritating it can be! As a part of a big family, I often experienced such pain! That’s why it is vital to pick a kitchen sink strainer wisely. To help you out in this case, we are here with the reviews of some great products. Let’s see:

Best Kitchen Sink Strainer Reviews: Our Top Picks

We have come up with the 10 best kitchen sink strainer reviews today. All the 10 products are well made and suitable for most of the standard kitchen sinks. Also, the price of those products is beyond everyone’s reach. In our selection process, we talked with some manufacturers about the materials and making process. We also talked with some current users about their experiences. All of them said positively. That’s why it is an honest review. Just read the reviews below you will understand.

Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer Stainless Steel Drain Filter Strainer with Large Wide Rim 4.5″ for Kitchen Sinks

Buying a new kitchen sink strainer now and then can be a frustrating job. That’s why it is better to go for the best one. In that case, we have The Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer for you which is impressive in every aspect.  

The Helect is made of premium quality stainless steel materials that are non-deforming and rustproof. It is best suited for everyday use and provides ultimate protection against clogging.  

Why choose this one: 

  • It fits most sink drains and garbage disposals 
  • Made of premium quality stainless steel 
  • Non-deforming and rustproof 
  • Suitable for regular use 
  • Anti-clogging shield included 
  • Dishwasher safe

OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer

OXO comes with a slogan which is ‘make every day better, every day.’ The OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer is here to make your every day better with fantastic efficiency. The item is solidly built of premium quality materials and definitely an option for regular use.  

The strainer is made of smooth stainless steel with flexible stain resistant silicone. It will serve you years after years without any issue. Also, the item keeps drain running while preventing clogs. The price is also reasonable for such quality. 

Why choose this one: 

  • Made of flexible silicone and durable stainless steel
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to install 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Effective drain guard included 
  • Scratch free design 

Fengbao 2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer – Stainless Steel, Large Wide Rim 4.5″ Diameter

To keep your sink from clogging, the Fengbao is the most excellent option at a reasonable price. The Fengbao 2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer will give you all the reason to fall in love with the product. 

The item is thoughtfully designed to meet the expectation of the users. It is well constructed with premium quality stainless steel materials. That’s why it is reliable and rust-free. The holes are perfectly sized even the smallest thing can’t pass through it without permission. So, it was time for you to say GOODBYE to all those plumbing expenses and made your life more comfortable with this champ!

Why choose this one: 

  • Durable with high-quality material construction
  • Easy to install and wash 
  • Looks lovely with mirror finish 
  • Ensures effective liquids flow 
  • Fits most standard drain areas
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reasonably priced

EverFlow 75111 Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Replacement for Standard Drains (3-1/2 Inch) Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Body With Rubber Stopper

The EverFlow 75111 Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer is another exceptionally well-built option to look in this best kitchen sink strainer article. It is the paragon of quality and efficiency. The item is made of stainless steel materials for maximum durability. 

The EverFlow Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer is rustproof and fits most of the standard kitchen drain areas. The installation process is quick and straightforward. Also, it is available at a low price which is unbelievable for such quality. Hurry up before the stock expires.  

Why choose this one:

  • It is well constructed with stainless steel materials 
  • Stylish and durable 
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe 
  • Stain resistant 
  • Versatile as it works as a strainer and a plug 
  • Traps food debris effectively 

KeepSportsSink Strainer Disposable Mesh Bags, 100 Pcs Sink Trash Bags, Disposable Rubbish Mesh Garbage Snare Sink Strainer Accessories for Kitchen and Bathroom

When you talk about the best kitchen sink strainers, the KeepSports Sink Strainer will undoubtedly be named. Why? It is exceptional, well-constructed and provides efficiency unlike most of the kitchen sink strainer. The strainer is made of highest quality materials. 

It will last years after years without any issue. Because of its versatility, people love this one most. You can either install it on your kitchen sink or washroom sewer sink filter. The price is also reasonable. Pick before the stock turns out.

Why choose this one?

  • Made of hard polyethylene texture 
  • Withstand pull and slight scratches
  • Suitable for most kitchen sink 
  • Comes with elasticity 
  • Easy to install the clean 
  • Reasonably priced

KONE 3-1/2-inch Kitchen Sink Strainer with Removable Deep Waste Basket/Strainer Assembly/Sealing Lid, Stainless Steel
KONE Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer is an excellent choice to stay away from those troublesome situations like slow draining, clogging and blocking. It comes at a standard size of 3-1/2-inch that fits most of the kitchen sinks. The item is long-lasting as it is made of premium quality 304 stainless steel materials. 

Also, it is environment-friendly. The item comes with a removable deep wastebasket that has a considerable capacity. It looks pretty good, and the price is also not prohibitive. If you need this one, you better hurry. The stock will expire soon.

Why choose this one: 

  • Made of environment-friendly 304 stainless steel
  • Rust proof 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Comes with separate waste basket 
  • Easy to install 

RE-StyleKitchen Sink Strainer – 2 PC Stainless Steel Sink Strainer 4.5″ – Strong, Clean, Reliable Stainless Steel Prevent Rust, Edges Not Sharp, Deep Mesh, Quick Outflow – Outer 4.5″ x Inner 2.75″ x Deep 1.5″

With RE-StyleKitchen Sink Strainer, even the smallest will not pass through the drain! Outstanding built quality and high-efficiency rate made it one of the best kitchen sink strainer of the present time.

The RE-Style Kitchen Sink Strainer is made of strong and clean stainless steel materials. Your sink will damage after a certain period of time, but the drain will remain new. Hurry up to pick the product at a reasonable price. As the popularity of the product is very high, it can be stocked out.

Why choose this one: 

  • Made of clean and strong stainless steel 
  • Offer protection against scratches 
  • Ensures perfect water flow
  • Easy to install and remove while needed 
  • Reasonably priced 

A AULIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer, Large Wide Rim 4.5″ Diameter, Set of 2

The best part of A AILIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer is that it fits most of the sink drains and garbage disposals. You can call it a universal one if you want. It is made of high-quality stainless steel materials. So, the strainer will serve you years without any hassle.

The strainer is super simple to install and remove whenever needed. Also, it is dishwasher safe. So, nothing to be worried about cleaning. The price is also reasonable. Be the first person to grab this excellent product. Hurry up, the stock is limited.

Why choose this one: 

  • Strong stainless steel construction 
  • Fits most of the standard drains and garbage disposals 
  • Long lasting 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Dishwasher safe 

house-M OTHER 1 2PCS Upgrade Kitchen Strainer with Handle, Premium Stainless Steel Sink Garbage Disposal Stopper Mesh Basket, Wide Rim 4.33″ Diameter Large

The house-M OTHER 1 2PCS Upgrade Kitchen Strainer with Handle is another premium option for everyone. It is made of premium quality stainless steel materials. That’s why this one can serve for several years without any problem.  

The design of the strainer is simple, and the installation process is simple as well. The price is low for such quality. So, give it a try.

Why choose this one:

  • Durable with premium quality steel construction 
  • The company offers a guarantee of quality
  • Humanized handle design 
  • Compatible with USA Sinks
  • Easy to install, use, and clean 

KOHLER K-8803-CP Duostrainer Basket Strainer, Polished Chrome

When the name is KOHLER, a further explanation is not necessary. KOHLER is one of the leading brands in the kitchen industry. They are famous for outstanding quality. However, with the KOHLER-K-8803 they showed their quality in basket strainer as well. 

The construction quality of the product is fantastic like all the above products. It is also made of stainless steel materials. Overall size is standard for most of the sink drain areas. The price is not that much. You will get everything in this little strainer. 

Why choose this one: 

  • Basket strainer included with open and close stopper 
  • Fits perfectly in most of the standard sinks 
  • Durable and long lasting  
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to install

That’s all for the reviews of the best kitchen sink strainer. I hope you already selected one from the above list. However, there are a few facts you should seriously consider before investing your money. Otherwise, you can end up with waste.

Kitchen Sink Strainer – What to Consider

Let’s see what to consider while shopping for a kitchen sink strainer: 

  • First thing first, let’s talk about the size. Size is the first and foremost issue while shopping for a sink strainer. Remember, sink strainer varies in size, and the drain size of sinks also varies from brand to brand. So, every sink strainer will not fit in your kitchen sink drain. Before picking the strainer know the measurements perfectly.
  • I mentioned earlier, stainless steel is the ideal material for kitchen sink strainers. Stainless steel made sink strainer last longer and served right. However, there is some plastic made kitchen sink strainer available in the market which is good as well. You can check those too. But, my first recommendation is stainless steel.
  • The design is another vital consideration. Not all sink strainer is made in the same way. Some have smaller holes while some other has larger holes. It is your personal preference to choose. Though the purpose is the same still, they serve differently. Know your need before shopping.
  • Then finally you should have a close look at the functions. You should know your reason before making the deal. Most of the best kitchen sink strainers are simple that trap food particle and other regular kitchen waste that can cause clogging. While some other special strainers are also available in the market that can batch feed disposal and other items. So, know about your need carefully.

FAQ About Kitchen Sink Strainer

What is a kitchen sink strainer?

Kitchen sink strainer is the item on a sink by which water passes through the drain pipe. Yeah, those little holes in your sink, that part is known as the kitchen sink strainer. Some sink comes with a built-in sink strainer but not all of them. Besides, after a certain period of time sink strainer needs to replace to stay away from clog and blockage.

How much does it cost for a good sink strainer?

Pretty cheap product, a kitchen strainer is! You will get a sink strainer for below ten dollars. However, the price of a sink strainer varies from brand to brand. But once a wise man said, you will get what you pay for. While shopping, always remembers that too.

Which one is the best kitchen sink strainer?

From the above ten, I can’t declare one as the ultimate solution. All of those products are made of high-quality materials. Besides, the price of those products is similar as well. They are different regarding design that’s all. All of the above products are the best and worth buying. You can purchase one from the above without any fear. Just make sure the size is right.

Final Words

A kitchen sink strainer stops unwanted elements from passing down the drain. If you pick the right sink strainer for your kitchen sink, you will never experience drain clogging. A good strainer will not let your plumbing system get blocked. But the question is how you can realize which one is good and which one is not? Well, we discussed some essential buying tips above. Those will surely help you to judge.

For now, I am leaving with my best kitchen sink strainer article. If you have anything else to say, feel free to contact us. We will surely answer you within a short period of time. Oh, I forget to mention, we also have an article for sink strainer stopper, another essential object concerning this purpose. You can check it out. Gradually we will continue sharing other sink related reviews to solve the matter once and for all. Have a good day!

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