What is NoneBounce?

 NoneBounce is an email validation & verification software designed to help organizations clean their email lists, reduce their email bounce rate and improve their reputation as senders. The self-service platform’s real-time email verification capabilities improve email data quality, inbox deliverability, and email marketing ROI. NoneBounce is able to detect spam traps and email addresses with a history of marking correspondence as spam and remove these from email lists. Disposable email accounts used to mask genuine email addresses can also be identified, as can addresses that will bounce if emailed. The email verifier recognizes toxic domains, known for bot-created, spam, and abuse emails, and catch-all domains, which return valid for all emails. The email validation API allows users to integrate email validation with their software. Bulk email verification is achievable for lists of any size, analyzing a .CSV file upon upload via the web-based dashboard. Once verification is complete, invalid addresses are identified and removed before they bounce, improving the sender’s chances of reaching the inbox. Users can also download lists, or unsubscribe invalid/risky emails from their campaigns automatically.

Key benefits of NoneBounce

  1. Verify email addresses on demand and prevent bad email addresses from entering systems at all with NoneBounce’s real-time API.

2. Improve sender reputation and avoid landing on recipients’ blacklists with NoneBounce.

3. Automatically unsubscribe risky or invalid emails from marketing campaigns to reduce bounce rate and maximize email marketing ROI.

4.NoneBounce’s contract-free, usage-based pricing scales with the number of verifications required; volume discounts are built into the pricing structure.

5. Connect with customer support representatives via NoneBounce’’s 24/7 in-app support, or use their comprehensive online knowledge base.

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